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You are currently viewing archive for August 2010
A Rough Week Last week our core router failed (completely unexpectedly) while the backup router was down for repairs
Since then, we've brought up a second spare core router... which has crashed twice, also unexpectedly and equally inexplicably. On the upside, since it's a redundant unit, nobody feels those effects.
But now our SAN/main file server has gone offline, and while we're trying to get it back online, it's also required a technician to be dispatched to the datacentre, and then the problem solving starts.

We're really sorry, and really not happy about this, and we've known that some of these machines were needing a bit more TLC than they were getting... well they're going to get it now. Or replaced.

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What's OpenDNS? Here, I'll let David Pogue at the New York Times explain:

Oh - And if you want to use OpenDNS and you're a PPPoE High-Speed user, just let us know and we can set it up on our end - just for you! Don't want OpenDNS? We can set you up with Google's, or Level3's or any combination thereof. It's a pretty easy adjustment for us to make.

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