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Brief Montréal Glitch Apparently there was a power disruption in some of the upstream network gear at 2009-10-21 14:20... we're waiting for more updates.

Sounds like a regular UPS maintenance gone bad...

Everything is back to normal for us.

Posted by: Myke |

This E-Mail is a scam/virus! Despite our recent changes to our email servers, we're not emailling people about it. This message is part of a known virus-scam. Do not click the link. Delete & Ignore. Mark as spam if you can.
Fraudulent Email

More info here:

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Mail Server Updates & Fixes Hopefully we've resolved the stuck or slow email problems in the past week or so. And if not, we're added monitoring and automatic procedures to self-resolve them if they crop up again. (ie: fixed, but we kept the band-aid anyway)

We've installed a legitimate SSL certificate for IMAP/POP3/SMTP connections, but the CA chain is not yet included... so your mail client may complain about the authenticity of the certificate being unknown, but otherwise things are okay. We're hoping to resolve this in the next few days. (It's really not as simple as it ought to be, like for HTTPS...)

Be sure you're using '' for the server name. It was formerly known as '', but that will not work for much longer, and not happily with the new certificates in place. We will eventually decommission the old name.

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