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Count Us In
NEVER FORGET 2003-08-14

Today is the anniversary of the Great North-Eastern Blackout of 2003. is challenging everyone to conserve energy today. (Only?)

How are we trying to help over at Server North? Well, that's kinda tough since we're running a 24/7 operation, but we're actually very power-conscious despite drawing about 70 amps of power 100% the time - we pay about $18-21/amp! So that alone has been a great motivator for use to invest in High-Efficiency Opteron CPUs and small, single-board computers where-ever we can. Today we'll work from our laptops (85 watts vs. Myke's 1200W MacPwn monster), and since we're laptop-bound, we'll be soaking up some of the Sun ourselves and turning off the air conditioning in the office.

Fundamentally though, we're actually doing a lot to help by providing our virtualized servers; One more virtual server means one less real server needs to be built, shipped, operated, maintained and disposed of. Are you sure your office needs that little webserver in the corner drawing 200W all the time? (And don't forget - you have to cool every one of those 200W again with your HVAC!) Maybe it's time you shifted some of that load to us?

Something else to consider - can you shift some of your heavy work to the overnight hours? Given the constitution of most power grids, electricity in the wee hours of the morning is often very cheap (since nukes can't be shut down, sometimes power even has negative prices!) - so if you're also a 24/7 shop, consider setting your backups and updates and heavy-processing to run between 2-5AM... even setting your dishwasher and laundry at home to run then can have a remarkably beneficial effect on the grid.

And let's not kid ourselves - more than half the people reading this 'blog are hard-core geeks - we know you're up at all hours anyway! :)

Posted by: Myke |

Some updates from Server North
  1. We've changed our mail servers to be Authenticate-Only mail relaying. This means you must use a username & password to send mail through our servers. If you don't have that, no problem - we'll get you setup.
  2. We've removed all networks and IP addresses starting with 66.96. and 72.0.73.
  3. We've removed the supplier that gave us those addresses, and all the headaches associated with 'em (ie: we're purely multihomed now :)
  4. We've updated our DNS servers, if you have any domains hosted with us, but registered elsewhere, please make sure they're pointed and Please do not to use the IP addresses, as we expect some changes in the near future, if you just use the literal names, no action other will be required on your part.
  5. There's been some issues with one of our core switches; we're working on it (a lot!), but will likely replace it in the next week or two. It hasn't actually failed, but rather has some buggy behaviour that's caused some glitches that you might've noticed, especially with our TorIX connectivity.
  6. Remember the fire? Yeah - we're getting out of that suite within the next month (hence the above mentioned DNS changes.) Wiring bypass jobs like this scare us, and they should scare you... (Even if they were made in an emergency...)

    Posted by: Myke |

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