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Upcoming power maintenance in Toronto Colocation facility. Approximately every year, the entire Center Of The Internet building undergoes power maintenance. Last year things didn't go well at all; first off we only found out about 36 hours before it was happening, and secondly - an hour into the maintenance, the generator(s?) failed to start, and the UPS batteries ran out. (And we're on multiple UPSes and have transfer switches...)

All in all, it was a bad day.

This year, our 'landlords' will be conducting generator tests on 2009-04-04 so as to avoid any embarrassing mishaps like last year. I (Myke) will be onsite for the duration, just in case anything bad happens. The hope is that nothing goes wrong, and if it does, it won't be hard to restore the building's power before the UPSes completely discharge.

This is just the lead up for Diesel Day.

Diesel Day is 2009-04-18 from 0800-2000. The entire building will be taken off the electrical grid and everything will be be powered by generator.

We will likely be doing some router upgrades and configuration changes during both days.

Posted by: Myke |

Montréal Maintenance Sunday Morning - 20090329 0330-0430 We've received notice from our bandwidth provider they'll be performing software updates on their core infrastructure. Sunday March 29th 2009, between 3:30AM and 4:30AM, Eastern Time. Outages should be brief, up to 15 minutes.

This will affect all co-located customers and most E-Mail users.

Posted by: Myke |

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