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Major Internet Glitch We're aware there was a pretty significant problem for about 15 minutes until a few minutes ago. It seems to affected all of our redundant uplinks as well, so I'm definitely not happy about that.

Investigation continues... but here's a dramatic graphic for you:
The Cliffs Of Dover

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This is no lie.
Delicious And Moist
(32881 is Server North's ASN, which is used by BGP routers, every network on the Internet has a unique one.)

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Not Quite Our Shoe-size But we'd just like everyone to know that

Server North Inc. turns 4 years old today!

That's right friends - 2005-01-26 was our official date of incorporation and we've been kicking packets across the Internet with great panache since then. And we plan to keep right on doing it!

If you're in Ottawa, please RSVP to join us tonight at Lone Star on Baseline & Fisher at 7PM.

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