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Sunday ADSL tuning We've been receiving some complaints with regards to ADSL performance in the past week, I suspect this is because in the past 10 days or so, utilization has increased to the point where we started having a weird quality problems, but there's always the nebulous Bell DPI confusing our diagnostics too. (You must realize, they don't actually tell us how DPI works or behaves, so it's a black box.)

We just tracked it down to a pair of GigE switches running the ports in 100Mbit HDX mode. The 30-second blip you might've experienced about an hour ago was me trying to determine what modes the other switch was allowing. Sorry I got it wrong initially, but now I've got it figured out. We're seeing significant improvements in certain areas on download, upload and general quality figures.

Please let us know if this has helped you!

Posted by: Myke |

Follow up on the outage we just had in Toronto and on ADSLs Sometimes I'm in Toronto to have fun, but sometimes, during those trips, I'll drop by 151 (datacenter) and enjoy the 16C air, and super-fast Internet. Then have an outage happen while I'm getting comfortable on the uncomfortable raised-tiles.

Adjacent to our cabinet is a major interconnection plant.
In there, a fiber went bad.
In the process of diagnosing the problem,
a switch was rebooted.
After the switch rebooted,
it had an outdated/inaccurate configuration.

So it's lucky that I happened to be here, and knew all the players involved, because I just spent the past hour trying to fix someone else's switch. 3 other ISPs (aside from Server North) were affected.

But everything's working now, and I set them up with a redundant hook-up in case the same failure happens again.

Apologies for taking so long to fix it.
Someone owes me a UID0-beer.

Posted by: Myke |

Two interesting tidbits about Bell & DPI
Bell will be submitting an application to the CRTC requesting changes to the wholesale ADSL tariff. The available details:
- will be filed in late July
- effective date will be early 2009
- will include speed increases (10MB and 16MB)
- will introduce usage-based billing
- will apply to new end-user customers only (existing end-user base will not be affected)
- will apply to residential end-users only
- will NOT apply to HSA end-users

...would traffic shaping would cease should the Commission approve usage-based billing. The short answer is "no".

As the ongoing uproar over the Rogers iPhone and Bell/Telus charging more for inconsequential text messages, I'd just like to say to everyone:
<Myke> don't worry kids
<Myke> as the cost of internet & telecom services drop, the telcos of North America want You, the customer, to rest assured that the prices WILL go up!

Posted by: Myke |

Montreal Maintenance Thursday & Friday We're going to be working on the infrastructure (routers, modems, switches, uplinks) in Montréal on 2008-07-03 to 2008-07-04, the brunt of the work will be done in the late evening on the 3rd, but I keep the maintenance window open on Friday incase of glitchery.

These are just routine upgrades & maintenance.

Posted by: Myke |

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