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Potential ADSL Outages Early Sunday Morning Bell has opened an emergency maintenance window between 0001 and 0600 on 2008-03-30 to replace some OC3 (or OC12??) MR16 linecards in downtown Toronto.

We're not entirely clear what the scope of the impact will be, but I'm posting this so you have fair warning.

It may be advisable to turn off your connection during this time, as we've noticed some customers can get "locked out" if they try to login unsuccessfully too many times. (Seems to happen at the DSLAM or BAS level, it's a nebulous territory... only happens in some geographic regions, the lockout time is variable, changing your MAC doesn't seem to have any effect, etc... etc...)

Posted by: Myke |

Bell Nexxia Throttling Our ADSL Customers As you may have heard recently, Bell Canada is throttling all ADSL customers' traffic, including that of wholesalers and their own Sympatico users.

It is true that Bell did not notify their wholesale customers that this was happening, even though there've been rumoured reports that they had prepared notes and scripts for CSRs to communicate to us ahead of time. While you may not have noticed it yet, it's slated to be fully deployed by 2008-04-07 across their ADSL backbone network.

Given the state of the acquisition of Bell and the recent union dispute, it was hardly a surprise to see a fellow ISP post this message to a private community emailing list about a conversation with his Bell Rep:

"{Bell Wholesaler Rep} was sketchy about details and was going to asked some networking people for information before sending us anything official.. But she was surprised the ISP community was upset as this was designed to "enhance the wholesale experience"... Yes, thats right, product management felt we would welcome this."

For more info, see Globe & Mail, digg, Slashdot and ARS Technica. Michael Geist has a write-up too.

If there's any official word on the matter, we'll let you know here. We will do our best to help mitigate this throttling!

Posted by: Myke |

Possible or Impending Bell/CEP Strike It looks like Bell Canada may have to deal with a labour strike happening soon, so if you need any physical upgrades/changes/installs/moves/etc... done with your ADSL service, please let us know sooner than later. We went through this in the summer or 2005 before, and install times could vary from the usual 5 days up to 6-8 weeks! (Usually they only got into the 2 week time-frame, but you never know...)

Ironically, the CEP is having their next meeting across the street from the co-location facility we used to use.

Posted by: Myke |

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