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Boinged and a new switch We're presently weathering a Boinging for one of our customers, things are fine.

Looks like our new Cisco 2948G-L3 switch will be going into service tonight or tomorrow night, so minor disruptions for a few seconds or minutes at a time won't be cause for alarm. I will comment on this post when I'm starting & finishing.

Posted by: Myke |

Jails Outage status The SAN is offline presently for umounted fsck. It was moved last night and ran for several hours before something broke... at this point we don't know what the cause is, but we've replaced the machine (we have 2) and are working on bringing things back online. Once the SAN is available again, we can restart the jails.

Posted by: Myke |

Finishing up the colo move A head's up to our web hosting & VPS-jail customers that I'll be preparing and moving the servers to the new colocation facility over the next few days. Tonight I'll be replacing the Ethernet switches that have to get moved, and testing the SAN - it seems to have thrown a disk in a curious way - the OS reports drive #5 (count from zero), but the chassis has the alert LED shining on drive #7 (count from one), so I need to have a look at that before it gets move it over.

I intend to do the disruptive work between 9PM and 1AM subject to adjustment and delays. I will do my best to keep downtime to a minimum, I do have smart-hands working with me too so things will hopefully go quickly.

Stay tuned to our IRC channel irc:// for near-real-time updates.

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