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New colocation facilty and DSL upgrades. As I alluded to in previous posts, Server North is in the process of moving into a new colocation facility (no, not our own, we're not that big... yet.) We got UserFriendly migrated over on Friday night, and they've been settling in well. There's still a few kinks we need to work out (replacing a bad Cisco switch, upgrading another) and several more machines that need to be moved - so we're going to have a few more brief service interruptions. Hopefully nothing more than the time it takes to physically move & rerack the servers in question.

I also had mentioned we're working on moving more of the DSL network in-house; those plans are coming along nicely. Since we're in a better colo facility, it means we're connecting to other networks at 100Mbit and GigE speeds - which is only good news for providing DSL service. We're looking at deploying *2* different endpoints, and we're currently negotiating backup connections with other DSL providers, so if anything happens, we've got several layers of failover planned. It's all still a few weeks away from being fully deployed, but we're going to need some testers, let me know if you'd like to try it out.

If everything I said up there makes your eyes glaze over, I'll summarize: We're moving, it's good. Everything will be awesome. Free Puppies*.

[*] While supplies last. There are no supplies. We're out of Free Puppies before we even got started.

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Power event in colo The colocation facility (that we're in the process of moving out of) just had some form of power event, we're restoring our machines as quickly as possible - there's going to be some hard questions from SVRNi to them about this - as we're connected (via automatic transfer switch) to BOTH of their UPSes.

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Brief colo outage. t'Would appear that there was an OSPF failure a few minutes ago on an upstream router. Everything should be back to normal now - except for IPv6, which is experimental at this stage anyway.

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